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Sensual cuddles

I'll start with a word of introduction: to anyone I've ever met, I've been cuddly. Soft, and cuddly. Not because I'm large or actually soft, but because somehow my body seems to make itself fit. Anyway.

Story goes, I recently met a girl who also hugs well. In fact, remarkably well. If she wants it to, it can feel like she's pole dancing both of your legs at once [/rudeness]. So, I told her she has the most sensual hugs in the world. Thing was, she said "So do you." That's praise for one, which I can't deal with. It also meant I was possibly implying by every hug I ever gave anyone that I wanted to get with them. Erk. So, self-consciousness now comes along and ruins every hug I ever give! I've lost it, cos every time someone wants a cuddle I think about it :'(

Anyone any ideas what I can do about this, or had similar happen before?
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